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White Supremacist Who Coined Term "Alt-Right" Demands Apology From Hillary Clinton

Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 11:57:43 am

Notorious white supremacist Richard Spencer coined the term "alternative right" (now shortened to "alt-right" because alternative is a pretty large word for white supremacists to remember) in 2010; we wrote about it at the time.

Spencer is upset because Hillary Clinton correctly labeled him as a vile racist in her speech yesterday, and now he's demanding that she apologize to "European Americans." (This link goes to an archive of the page, so you don't have to visit his creepy racist website.)

We can only hope he's holding his breath waiting for that.

Hillary and her allies in “conservative” media will stop at nothing to portray peaceful European-American advocacy as a dark specter haunting America. In reality, she and her allies, especially so-called “conservatives,” are only giving comfort to the most radical and violent elements in our society.

We disavow any attempts by Clinton or any of her surrogates on the left, right, or center to tag the National Policy Institute or the work we do as violent extremism. We call on her and her allies to issue an apology to European-Americans everywhere and confront her own troubling links to extremism and the civil unrest she has stoked for months.

(h/t: Joe My God.)