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Donald Trump Jr. Retweets Notorious White Supremacist Antisemite Kevin MacDonald

Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 5:29:26 pm

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So today, the son of the Republican Party's nominee for president of the United States, Donald Trump Jr., retweeted one of the most notorious antisemitic white supremacists in the country, psychology professor Kevin MacDonald.

The retweet is still visible in his timeline as I write this, but here's a screenshot because Trump Jr. tends to delete these things when he's exposed.

Notice how many retweets and likes MacDonald's tweet received -- a direct result of the high visibility he gets from Trump Jr.'s endorsement.

Trump Jr. has reportedly been taking a large role in his father's campaign, and this isn't his first association with the white supremacist movement. Earlier this year, he gave an interview to vile racist/antisemitic radio show The Political Cesspool, and subsequently the host of that show was invited by the Trump campaign to attend the Republican National Convention and was given press credentials.

Also, last month we exposed Trump Jr. following -- and "liking" tweets by -- two of the worst and most active “alt-right” freaks on Twitter. Shortly after we published our article, Trump Jr. unfollowed both of these accounts, and then blocked me on Twitter. All of this without ever renouncing them, or even making any kind of statement, even though I contacted him directly and asked for one.

This retweet of Kevin MacDonald is another step further for Trump Jr. though; this is basically the equivalent of retweeting David Duke. And in fact David Duke is also a huge fan of MacDonald, praising his antisemitic books on the dangers of Jews.

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