little green footballs

Launching: The Little Green Footballs Meme Machine

Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 2:14:09 pm

Today we're announcing a great new toy for all our visitors to play with: The LGF Meme Machine!

A permanent link to this new app has been added to the "Fun" menu in our top navigation bar. It should be fairly easy to figure out, but here's a quick introduction to its features.

You can either select an image to work with from the "Classic Pics" button (which brings up a menu of various popular "meme" images from around the web; just click the image you want to use), or upload an image from your computer or mobile device. To upload, you can either drag an image from your computer's desktop and drop it on the big button labeled "Drop An Image Here," or you can click that button and use the file selector to pick an image from your computer or mobile device.

Once you've selected or uploaded an image, it shows up on the page. Then you can enter two lines of text that will be drawn on the top and bottom of the image; you can omit either the top or bottom if you wish, and just use one line of text.

After entering your text, either click the "Do It!" button or hit your Return key, and BAM, your meme is generated.

Once you have a meme you're happy with, you can share it to Twitter by clicking the "Tweet It!" button. If you don't have an LGF account, you'll see the Twitter authorization window, asking you to grant access to the LGF Connect application; this lets our code use Twitter's API to tweet the image for you.

The Facebook button will let you share a link to the Meme Machine on your Facebook page (but unfortunately Facebook's share window doesn't have a way to include the current meme image).

You can download the image to your computer by clicking the "Download" button. If you're a registered LGF user, you can also save the image to your personal Image Library, or bring up your Image Library to select an image for memeification. (Click the image's "Insert" button to select it.)