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BREAKING! Jim Hoft Can't Tell the Difference Between "News" and a "Press Release"

Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 5:02:12 pm


Yes, Jim Hoft truly is the Stupidest Man on the Internet. There's really no one else even close in the crowded field of dim-witted right wing derpitude. And today he proves it yet again with another BREAKING! post that's going to blow the "Hillary's Health" story wide open!

BREAKING: 71% of Doctors Say Hillary Health Concerns Serious, Possibly Disqualifying!


Now this…

71% of doctors interviewed say Hillary’s health concerns are serious and possibly disqualifying.

PR Newswire reports...

Hoft either doesn't know or doesn't care that PR Newswire doesn't "report" anything. It's a paid press release service. People and groups give them money to publish their releases, with no editing or "reporting" at all.

But it gets even stupider! Because the group that paid for this nonsensical story Hoft headlines as BREAKING NEWS is the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, an innocuous-sounding name that conceals one of the most ridiculous crackpot far right organizations in America, who promote AIDS denial, Birtherism, anti-vaccination craziness, and even pushed a conspiracy theory that Obama hypnotized Jews into voting for him in 2008 with mysterious hand gestures and body language. These are the loony doctors B-movies have been warning us about for years.

Keep up the good work, Jim! You're way ahead of the pack when it comes to promoting the dumbest conspiracy theories imaginable.

UPDATE at 9/8/16 5:18:54 pm by Charles Johnson

And now Drudge Report is joining the chorus of stupidity and running with the same crackpot press release as their top story...