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Matt Drudge Pushes Dangerous Conspiracy Theory That the Government Is Lying About the Strength of Hurricane Matthew

Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 2:29:24 pm

By all accounts Hurricane Matthew is going to be a monster storm with winds up to 140 mph, and the governor of Florida is strongly urging people to evacuate coastal regions as soon as possible. More than 100 people have already been killed by the storm in Haiti, and warnings are in effect along the entire east coast of Florida.

Local warnings from the Melbourne FL National Weather Service could not be more forceful or dire:

— John Schwartz (@jswatz) October 6, 2016

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But Matt Drudge (who has a permanent link to Alex Jones's sites on Drudge Report) is on Twitter today telling his followers that the government is lying to them about the strength of the hurricane to hype climate change.

It's difficult to overstate how irresponsible and dangerous this sort of rhetoric is; Drudge is actually risking people's lives to push an anti-science, anti-government conspiracy theory, because there may be some people who'll believe his statements and refuse to evacuate.