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Sean Hannity Tweets Link to White Supremacist Troll Chuck C. Johnson, Then Deletes It

Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 2:33:01 pm

So yesterday, this happened. Fox News ranter Sean Hannity has been getting more open lately about his attraction to the alt-right, and on his radio show he crossed a big red line by offering to pay for President Obama to go to Kenya.

Telling the first black president of the US to go back to Africa didn't exactly go over well with a lot of people, because let's face it, it's racist as hell. And Hannity was promptly faced with a whole lot of people outraged by his statement.

So Sean decided he would defend himself by tweeting a link to the website of white supremacist troll Chuck C. Johnson (who is NOT ME). If it seems a bit weird to defend yourself against charges of racism by citing a blatantly racist website, well, yeah. It is.

The link went to Johnson's post about his absurd scam wherein he bilked gullible right wingers into sending him money for a video documentary of Barack Obama's 1990 trip to Kenya. Apparently this was supposed to make it OK for Hannity to say he'd send Obama to Kenya, because Obama once went there of his own volition.

I know; it's a senseless and creepy rationalization, but that's pretty standard right wing "thinking."

However, someone must have had a word with Sean about Chuck's history of support for racism and white supremacism, or maybe it was someone who just doesn't like Chuck for personal reasons because there are plenty of conservatives who also despise our old pal Chuck.

Whatever the reason, Sean Hannity then went back to that tweet and deleted it. What you see above is a screenshot I took at the time, because I've learned that people like Hannity often do this when they realize they've screwed up.

Meanwhile, in other Chuck C. Johnson news, you may recall that Chuck and his crony in hatred Pax Dickinson had purportedly raised $5000 from gullible right wingers in order to post a crudely drawn billboard featuring racist memes, encouraging people to shoot undocumented immigrants.

But their plan has run into a snag; they can't find a billboard company that will let them post this ugly message. So, according to the terms of service of their Wesearchr scam, this means the gullible fools who gave them money are out of luck -- because they explicitly state that donations for their so-called "bounties" will never be refunded. Too bad, Wesearchr fans!