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Trump Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon Is a Fan of Satan. Yes, Really.

Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 12:02:09 pm

There's a lot to be appalled and disgusted about in this interview with Donald Trump's chief strategist, the infamous white supremacist who turned Breitbart "News" into "the platform for the alt-right."

But you have to wonder how the religious right bigwigs who lined up to support Trump feel when they read something like this:

"Darkness is good," says Bannon, who amid the suits surrounding him at Trump Tower, looks like a graduate student in his T-shirt, open button-down and tatty blue blazer - albeit a 62-year-old graduate student. "Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That's power."

Bannon is also apparently committed to the utter destruction of the Republican Party, along with the economy of the United States. So he has that in common with his idol Satan too.

"Like [Andrew] Jackson's populism, we're going to build an entirely new political movement," he says. "It's everything related to jobs. The conservatives are going to go crazy. I'm the guy pushing a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. With negative interest rates throughout the world, it's the greatest opportunity to rebuild everything. Ship yards, iron works, get them all jacked up. We're just going to throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks. It will be as exciting as the 1930s, greater than the Reagan revolution - conservatives, plus populists, in an economic nationalist movement."