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Trump Surrogate Roger Stone: Trump Interviewed Romney "To Torture Him"

Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 4:40:08 pm

From the disturbing photo above, it was already pretty damned obvious what was going on when Donald Trump met Mitt Romney for dinner, dangling the prospect of a Secretary of State nomination in front of him like a fishing lure, but yesterday Trump's friend and ally Roger Stone went on the Alex Jones fake news and conspiracy show (as he does very frequently) to make it crystal clear.

Trump was torturing Mitt Romney. Toying with him.

Stone says this is perfectly fine and understandable, because Romney "isn't the kind of man you want for secretary of State."

But we're getting the kind of narcissistic sociopath for president who delights in publicly humiliating, torturing and toying with his enemies. Romney should have known this, but his greed for power blinded him.