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Bill O'Reilly: "The Left Wants Power Taken Away From the White Establishment"

Tue, Dec 20, 2016 at 7:02:32 pm

.@oreillyfactor: “The left wants power taken away from the white establishment and they want a profound change in the way America is run.”

— Fox News (@FoxNews) December 21, 2016

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It's really out in the open now. Fox News tweeted this white supremacist sentiment from their leading gasbag as if it's no big deal.

But it is a big deal. The white supremacist right wing is totally out of the closet in the Trump era. No longer sublimated. No longer hidden. No longer repressed. Raging, out in the open.

Oh, America. What have you done.

UPDATE at 12/20/16 7:14:05 pm by Charles Johnson

This isn't a new riff for Bill O'Reilly, of course.