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Trump's Mouthpiece Sean Spicer Tries to Walk Back Trump's Boasts About Revealing Things "Other People Don't Know"

Mon, Jan 2, 2017 at 11:47:34 am

.@seanspicer: "Irresponsible" for Obama to act on intel report on alleged Russian hacking as it is not yet final

— New Day (@NewDay) January 2, 2017

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A few days ago our incoming Narcissist in Chief Donald Trump said he "knows things other people don't know" about Russia influencing the election, and that he'd reveal his special super-secret knowledge on "Tuesday or Wednesday."

Now here's Trump's White House press secretary, the always disingenuous Sean Spicer, trying to walk back what was clearly an empty boast by Pumpkin Pinochet, saying, "It's not a question of necessarily revealing."

Spicer also went on Fox News today and told the right wing audience that there's "zero evidence" Russia influenced the election, despite the fact that both the FBI and CIA say there's plenty of convincing evidence.


Man, this is going to be a long four years.