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NBC Hires Cynical Race-Baiting Megyn Kelly in Multi-Year Deal

Tue, Jan 3, 2017 at 11:33:07 am

Credit: DonkeyHotey

The media news of the day is that NBC is continuing their swing to the right by hiring Fox News demagogue Megyn Kelly, for a multi-year deal that will see her hosting a one-hour daytime show, a Sunday news magazine show, and taking part in all sorts of miscellaneous NBC coverage.

I guess this is what we can expect during the Trump era, as cable news does its best to exploit what they see as the audience they think will bring them the most profit: the right wing bigots Kelly stoked and inflamed for more than a dozen years.

And inflame them she did, with her obsessive ranting about the New Black Panther Party (a tiny, completely marginalized extremist group that Fox News relentlessly demonized and portrayed as allies of President Obama), her bizarre, angry contention that Santa Claus and Jesus Christ must always and forever be portrayed as white men, and a host of other race-baiting, divisive Fox News talking points.

Here's a sort of "worst of Megyn Kelly" compilation put together by Media Matters, a sampler of her toxic rhetoric. Is this just cynicism and exploitation by Kelly, or does she truly believe this racist garbage?

And does it even matter? In the Trump era, the worst people in this country seem to be in charge and they're being richly rewarded for the hatred they've worked so hard to spread.


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