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White Supremacist Jared Taylor Announces Ann Coulter Is Now Writing for His Hate Site

Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 8:40:31 pm

Far right pundit/loon Ann Coulter has often played the role of apologist for white supremacism, whether through race-baiting or with outright excuse-making for white supremacist websites.

But now, in the era of the Trump Horror, when white supremacism is an integral part of the incoming presidential administration, Ann Coulter is no longer making even a token effort to hide it. Today Jared Taylor, founder of American Renaissance, one of the most popular long-running "white nationalist" websites (and that's in scare quotes because "white nationalist" is really just white supremacism with a slightly less offensive name) announced that Ann Coulter's columns will now be appearing next to their articles on eugenics, black crime, and the inherent superiority of the master race.

AmRen is now running columns by the incomparable @AnnCoulter: "Tips For Hate Crime Hoaxers"

— Jared Taylor (@jartaylor) January 12, 2017

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In the era of the Trump Horror, all the masks are dropping.

(h/t: @SkeddyRuxypin.)

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