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Is Twitter Force-Following Donald Trump's @POTUS Account?

Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 6:22:48 pm

Earlier today, when the @POTUS and @FLOTUS Twitter accounts were switched over to the Trump-Thing and his third wife, I made a point of unfollowing both of those accounts.

But then, a little later today, I checked them and lo and behold -- I was suddenly following both accounts again!

OK. I know distributed network databases can be tricky and get out of sync, so I was willing to give Twitter the benefit of the doubt and assume they were restoring the follower lists after switching account ownership, and it took some time to propagate across their entire network.

But tonight I've been hearing from more than a few people that they were never following the @POTUS and @FLOTUS accounts, but suddenly find themselves added to their followers without consent.

Hence, the question in the title of this article.

I hope Twitter will clarify what's going on here, because it's happening to a lot of people and they're not happy about it.

.@twitter Tell is why you are force following accounts after we've unfollowed.

— G O L D I E. (@goldietaylor) January 21, 2017

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Did everyone's accounts automatically start following @POTUS? It happened to me and to others I know. #Unfollowed

— Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior) January 21, 2017

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UPDATE at 1/20/17 7:59:59 pm by Charles Johnson

We are aware of the issue with migrating @POTUS followers and investigating. More soon.

— Twitter Support (@Support) January 21, 2017

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