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White Supremacist Chuck C. Johnson's "Wesearchr" Scam Site Suspended From Twitter

Mon, Jan 23, 2017 at 4:57:19 pm

Poor Rage Furby. Chuck C. Johnson just can't seem to keep his social media accounts online. This might be because he keeps using them for scummy, vile purposes like outing and harassment, and promoting the neo-Nazis he hangs out with.

And now the "Wesearchr" extortion/harassment scam site he created with fellow racist Pax Dickinson to bilk gullible right wingers has lost its Twitter account, @wesearchr. (If you click that link you'll see the "Suspended" message.)

The Wesearchr site runs "bounties" designed to exploit far right conspiracy theories and target opponents of Donald Trump, asking the right wing marks in their target audience to contribute money to find things like Megyn Kelly's divorce records or Hillary Clinton's medical records. But the apparent last straw for Twitter was their "bounty" asking people to help expose the identity of the man who punched Nazi dirtbag Richard Spencer a couple of days ago, shown in this now-infamous video clip.

MP4 Video

I don't condone what this individual did -- it's assault, pure and simple -- but when people like Chuck C. Johnson and Richard Spencer act like vigilantes and put a bounty on his head to expose his identity, they're knowingly and deliberately placing his life in danger, and I condone that even less. This is a way for the "alt-right" crowd to seek revenge against their enemies, nothing more.

It was odd that Twitter let Wesearchr continue this kind of harassment for so long, when both Johnson and his crony Pax Dickinson had been permanently banned from the site long ago. But at least now they've done the right thing.

Meanwhile, Johnson is having fits of rage on his still-active Facebook account and threatening Twitter:

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