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Report: Russia Wants to "Curry Favor" With Trump by Handing Over Edward Snowden (To Be Executed)

Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 3:34:59 pm

The news just keeps getting wackier. Now we have reports that Russia may try to "curry favor" with the Trump regime by turning over Edward Snowden.

And remember: Donald Trump has called Edward Snowden a "traitor" who should be executed.

I wonder if Ed now regrets tweeting "2016: a choice between Donald Trump and Goldman Sachs?" (A tweet he has deleted, by the way.)

That's according to a senior U.S. official who has analyzed a series of highly sensitive intelligence reports detailing Russian deliberations and who says a Snowden handover is one of various ploys to "curry favor" with Trump. A second source in the intelligence community confirms the intelligence about the Russian conversations and notes it has been gathered since the inauguration.

Snowden's ACLU lawyer, Ben Wizner, told NBC News they are unaware of any plans that would send him back to the United States.

"Team Snowden has received no such signals and has no new reason for concern," Wizner said.

I sort of doubt that Vladimir Putin's going to give Snowden's lawyer a heads-up on this one.