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Coverup: 4 Days Ago, Trump Said He Was Unaware of Flynn's Russia Problem. He Lied.

Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 12:01:56 pm

Four days ago, when he was asked about the breaking reports that his National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador before the inauguration, Donald Trump denied knowing anything about it.

When asked about the reports, Trump said, "I don't know about that. I haven't seen it. What report is that? I haven't seen that. I'll look into that."

But today in his latest press confrontation, White House press secretary Baghdad Sean Spicer admitted Trump has been aware of this situation since January 26.

Then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates told the White House that Flynn may have misled members of Trump’s administration about the contents of his call with the ambassador on Jan. 26, Spicer confirmed Tuesday.

Eighteen days after the White House learned Flynn had misled them, Flynn resigned on Feb. 13.

"He was made aware of it — once White House counsel briefed him on concerns the Department of Justice had,” Spicer continued. “And at that point, as I mentioned, what he asked and what he believed at the time and was confirmed by White House counsel, was that there was no legal issue here. Discussing the issue didn’t violate anything. It was appropriate in the normal course of action to discuss that. He immediately asked the White House counsel to further confirm what his instincts were at the time.”

Do these people even realize how transparent and obvious their lies are?

Spicer then proceeded to make it clear that the Trump gang has no intention of investigating this any further.

Spicer went on to say that, “as far as we are aware, that is an isolated incident,” after being asked if the White House would undertake an effort to clarify if anyone else had spoken about sanctions with Russia.

And this means the Congress must act and call for full investigations into this disturbing issue, because when Trump's mouthpieces are so desperate to pretend it's all over and done like this, that means there's obviously more to be discovered.

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UPDATE at 2/14/17 12:11:23 pm by Charles Johnson

And now there's even more evidence of a coverup. The New York Times reports that Flynn was interviewed by the FBI about this issue in the early days of Trump's administration. It simply doesn't pass the smell test to suggest Trump didn't know about this until January 26.

WASHINGTON — F.B.I. agents interviewed Michael T. Flynn when he was national security adviser in the first days of the Trump administration about his conversations with the Russian ambassador, current and former officials said on Tuesday.

The interview raises the stakes of what so far has been a political scandal that cost Mr. Flynn his job. If he was not entirely honest with the F.B.I., it could expose Mr. Flynn to a felony charge. President Trump asked for Mr. Flynn’s resignation on Monday night.

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