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Video: At Disastrous Press Conference, Trump Patronizes Black Reporter

Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 11:53:20 am


There were many bizarre and unhinged moments in today's freakish Donald Trump press conference, but this one really leaps out as incredibly revealing, as Trump just assumes a black reporter must be "friends" with the Congressional Black Caucus, and tells her to "set up the meeting."

Reporter April Ryan: Are you gonna include the CBC, Mr. President, in your conversations with your urban agenda, your inner city agenda, as well as...

Trump: Am I gonna include who?

Reporter: Are you gonna include the Congressional Black Caucus?

Trump: Well, I would. I tell you what. Do you wanna set up the meeting? Do you wanna set up the meeting?

Reporter: No no no... I...

Trump: Are they friends of yours? No, get a, set up the meeting!

Reporter: I know some of them...

Trump: Let's go, set up a meeting, I would love to meet with the Black Caucus, I think it's great, the Congressional Black Caucus, I think it's great.

UPDATE at 2/16/17 11:59:32 am by Charles Johnson

Hi, @realDonaldTrump. We’re the CBC. We sent you a letter on January 19, but you never wrote us back. Sad! Letter:

— The CBC (@OfficialCBC) February 16, 2017

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