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White Supremacist Kingpin David Duke Suspended From Twitter, Then Unsuspended

Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 10:45:54 am

"At long last," I thought when I saw this tweet from the Southern Poverty Law Center today. "One of the most hateful figures ever to pollute Twitter with his presence has finally been booted off the service. Maybe they really are starting to be serious about getting rid of the Nazis and white supremacists who are dragging them into the gutter?"

White Supremacist David Duke Booted From Twitter

— SPLC (@splcenter) March 6, 2017

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But alas, by the time I read the tweet and went to Duke's page to check for myself... his account had already been restored, with all its repulsive antisemitism and racism intact and in your face.

I'm back. Though I have no idea why I was suspended. Thank you to all of the wonderful people who offered support. #FreeDavidDuke

— David Duke (@DrDavidDuke) March 6, 2017

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So much for getting serious about the Nazis and white supremacists. They're obviously still welcome on Twitter.