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Video: Watch Susan Rice Destroy the Right Wing Nonsense About "Unmasking"

Tue, Apr 4, 2017 at 11:05:08 am


The entire right wing universe is shrieking in unison again: BREAKING BLOCKBUSTER BOMBSHELL BREAKING NEWS about one of their primary boogie-women, Susan Rice.

All kinds of wild and unsubstantiated accusations are being thrown around the right wing blogs, because that's what they do. But here's Susan Rice herself on NBC News, explaining the methods and processes that really determine the "unmasking" of US citizens mentioned in intelligence reports.

It's really rather simple to understand; if an intelligence report mentions a US citizen, their name is typically redacted. But sometimes it's necessary to know who the person is, in order to assess the significance of the report. When that happens, the official reviewing the report makes a request to the intelligence community to reveal that name. At every step, established procedures are followed. And "unmasking" is absolutely not the same as "leaking," despite the right wing's frantic attempts to equate the two concepts.

Bottom line: all the shrieking and exaggerations and false claims coming from the Right Wing Parrots’ Unison Chorus amount to nothing more than an attempt to take the focus off the Trump gang's ever-widening Russia problem, and we all need to hold the media accountable if they start chasing this story at the bidding of the dishonest right and Donald Trump, like dogs chasing cars they'll never catch.

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