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Senate GOP Changes Rules to Force Confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 11:02:49 am

In today's episode of The Ongoing Transformation of the US Government Into a Far Right Nightmare, Senate Republicans invoked the nuclear option and changed the rules so they could confirm the very conservative Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court today, as expected.

This is, of course, after they refused to even give President Obama's centrist nominee, Merrick Garland, a hearing.

This basically cements the Supreme Court into a conservative majority for the foreseeable future. Yes, that's very depressing news, and there's no way to sugar coat it. This is exactly why the Republican Party lined up to support Trump even though many of them despised him: because they knew they could use him to push their regressive ideology into every aspect of the federal government.

The election of Donald Trump is doing lasting damage to the American ideals of civil liberty and progress.