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CuriousLurker aka Aminah - May Allah Embrace Your Kind Soul

Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 6:58:11 pm

Her twitter page and a little of her wisdom

This is easily the hardest Page I have ever undertaken. No easy words can be found when a dear friend is suddenly gone. On March 10th I got what would be the last DM from her. Ordinarily we would chat a couple times a week. Days later she had not gone in or called in to work. Her boss went to her home to check on her. She found her already gone. On about March 12, 2017, Aminah had died in her sleep apparently entirely peacefully. A blessing few humans have. She deserved a kind exit.

The news came my way because I was getting no replies from her, and called her cell. Her boss, Heather, answered the phone and was kind enough to listen to me long enough to let me establish myself as a friend with a few answers to her probing questions. I had seen a comment about her being "Trumped out" and figured she was on an extended media break. So I waited a month before calling this very private person thinking, hoping just a politics/media vacation.

The wife and I are saddened to our core. It's not a common thing for distant bloggers of disparate cultures to trust and extend real friendship. She did that for us, despite real stalkers and all the weirdness the 'net can bring. I think it started when I sent her a gift of some stone and steel wire ants that an Arizona artist had made. Recently she did some excellent prints of some of my photography that caught her eye. Just shipped them right to me.

So in respect to her place among us here, her fierce advocacy against Islamophobia and antisemitism, her wit, art and kind side I'm linking a couple of her Pages that I really enjoyed. I welcome more of the same in the comments from you guys. Link her sharp comments or pages or when she lashed some troll to a humiliated weeping retreat. Repost, quote or link her very best.

Charles, we spoke of you sometimes and this wonderful oasis on the internet that you run. CuriousLurker had the most respect for you as a person and your skills. Thought of you very highly. I know she would have wanted that spoken to you here.

Some personal favorites of mine from her Pages.

Her macro photography

Learning the gear

Her advocacy