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Trump's Lawyers Argue That Protesters Have "No Right" to Protest Against Him

Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 2:06:47 pm

Well, this one takes the cake. And I'm not talking about the most beautiful chocolate cake you've ever seen.

Donald Trump is being sued for inciting violence at his 2016 Louisville rally at which several African American protesters were assaulted by his fans after he screamed "Get 'em out of here!" from the stage. And yesterday his lawyers made one of the most ridiculous arguments I think I've ever heard of. They're claiming that even if Trump did incite violence, the protesters had no right to demonstrate at his rally because they were interfering with his First Amendment rights.

Trump’s lawyers also argue that he had every right to call for the removal the protesters since they “obviously interfered with the Trump campaign’s First Amendment right” by “vigorously expressing their disdain for Mr. Trump,” including by chanting and holding up signs depicting Trump’s face on the body of a pig, among other anti-Trump messages.

“Of course, protesters have their own First Amendment right to express dissenting views, but they have no right to do so as part of the campaign rally of the political candidates they oppose,” Trump’s lawyers wrote.

I had to read this article a couple of times to make sure this is really what they're arguing. It is.

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