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Heartless Alex Jones Mocks Jimmy Kimmel Over Son's Heart Defect

Tue, May 9, 2017 at 11:05:33 am

Media Matters

It's difficult to imagine even Alex Jones's delusional fans nodding along with his disgusting, astonishingly heartless attack on Jimmy Kimmel and his infant son.

As you watch this vile human waste rant about vaccines, remember: our so-called president Donald Trump considers him a reliable news source with a stellar reputation, and calls him frequently.

ALEX JONES: Oh, look at Jimmy Kimmel, his child has heart defects. It isn’t that they had the child early or had a cesarian, they won’t even tell them that, that that causes heart problems obviously. No, no, no, we’re not going to tell you it’s all the vaccines you took or chemicals you ingested. We’re not going to discuss the vaccines they just gave your child. Let’s just say, “Give us free health care or our babies will die. Don’t our babies deserve it?” When you have state-run health care you have medical tyranny and when you have everyone bound under one system, they can tax you and control you and do whatever they want, once there’s no competition and choice. But it doesn’t matter for the pseudo-intellectuals of Jimmy Kimmel. He can just get up there and say, “We need national health care for my baby.” It’s for the children, sounds so much easier.