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White Supremacist Group Sends Mass Emails Promoting Tennessee Conference at Montgomery Bell State Park

Fri, May 19, 2017 at 11:30:01 am

There are basically two forms of white supremacism in the United States. There are the skinheads and neo-Nazis pictured above, the ugly face of overt hatred.

And then there are the pseudo-intellectual apologists for the neo-Nazis. Guys who wear suits and have degrees from universities, and use them to advance the exact same hatred, but with a highbrow gloss on it.

For these pretend academics, American Renaissance is one of their main hangouts.

And in the age of the Trump Horror, they're more emboldened than ever, taking their grotesque "cause" right out into the public. For example, last night I received the following mass email from American Renaissance (because someone apparently put me on their list; I didn't sign up for this).

The email explains that these poor beleaguered racists are often accused of being racists, so they're going to hold a conference at a state park in Tennessee to promote racism. Take that, liberals.

This is what passes for intellectualism among the white supremacist elite.

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And by the way, I immediately removed myself from their mailing list and sent a note telling them exactly what I thought about them. I'm not ashamed to say the note may have contained profanities.