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Top Lawyers Turning Down Trump in Russia Probe: "He Won't Pay and He Won't Listen"

Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 10:20:33 am

Former FBI director James Comey is scheduled to testify before Congress this Thursday, and as the day of reckoning approaches, Donald Trump can't find a law firm that will represent him.

Because nobody wants this erratic egomaniacal loose cannon for a client.

Top lawyers with at least four major law firms rebuffed White House overtures to represent President Trump in the Russia investigations, in part over concerns that the president would be unwilling to listen to their advice, according to five sources familiar with discussions about the matter.

The unwillingness of some of the country’s most prestigious attorneys and their law firms to represent Trump has complicated the administration’s efforts to mount a coherent defense strategy to deal with probes being conducted by four congressional committees as well as Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller.


“The concerns were, ‘The guy won’t pay and he won’t listen,’” said one lawyer close to the White House who is familiar with some of the discussions between the firms and the administration, as well as deliberations within the firms themselves.

UPDATE at 6/6/17 10:36:13 am by Charles Johnson

And now we know Trump's plan to deal with Comey's testimony: he'll live-tweet it.

I'm told by two WH sources that Pres. Trump does not plan to put down Twitter on Thursday. May live tweet if he feels the need to respond.

— Robert Costa (@costareports) June 6, 2017

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