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An Intense Short Film: Fantastic Negrito -"In the Pines"

Sat, Jul 1, 2017 at 7:18:01 pm


"In the Pines (Oakland)" produced and directed by Rashidi Natara Harper featuring the music of Fantastic Negrito
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Still photograph taken by Kristian "Dior" Harper

"In the Pines (Oakland)" is a docu-narrative born from the direct impact gun violence has on black women. Music, fiction and reality are folded together in a visual piece that blurs reality and scripted drama to capture a mother's emotional spiral after her son is gunned down by law enforcement.

Director/Producer: Rashidi Natara Harper
Cinematographer: August Thurmer
Associate Producer: Kristian 'Dior" Harper
Editor/Sound Design: Jeremy Leaird-Koch
Colorist: Santiago Padilla
Music: Fantastic Negrito

Fantastic Negrito - Xavier Dphrepaulezz
Renee Moncada McElroy - Mom
Thomas Makai McElroy - Son (Innocence)
Tywon Johnson - Friend (Persistence)
Cyrus Dizon - Friend (Determination)
Master Scott - Friend (Courage)
Mothers Who Lost Sons To Gun Violence:
Marilyn Washington Harris - Mother of Khadafy Washington
Lorrain Taylor - Mother of Obadiah & Albade Taylor

East Bay Dragons:
"Ray Ray"

Xavier Dphrepaulezz, lead vocal
Tomas Salcedo, guitar
Nathan Pedley, bass
Joshua Nash, keys
DaQuantae "Q" Johnson, drums

Special Thanks:
Lorraine Taylor
Marilyn Washington Harris
Zsa Zsa

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