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Another Major Embarrassment for Trump: 44 States Have Refused Request for Voter Info

Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 2:15:21 pm

We just need six more state governments to tell Donald Trump and his "voter fraud" henchman Kris Kobach to go jump in the Gulf of Mexico and it will be a clean sweep: 44 states have refused request for voter information.

Washington, DC (CNN) -- Forty-four states have refused the Trump administration's request for certain voter information, according to a CNN inquiry to all 50 states.


As of Tuesday afternoon, two states -- Florida and Nebraska -- are still reviewing the commission's request. Another two states -- Hawaii and New Jersey -- have not returned CNN's request for comment. And while six states are still awaiting a letter from the commission, four of them -- New Mexico, Michigan, South Carolina and West Virginia -- have already pledged not to provide voters' private information.

We actually have a presidential administration that’s creating commissions to investigate wholly imaginary conspiracy theories, as a pretext for instituting voter suppression laws.

It's stunning that the Trump gang thought this ridiculously clumsy power grab was going to work without protest from all sides. The only cause for hope in the midst of the Trump Horror is that these malevolent clowns are so freaking incompetent.