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Right Wing Launches Another Fake Outrage Over CNN, Based on Outright Lies

Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 2:12:49 pm

Here we have the latest right wing fake outrage, as dishonest fake news peddler @JackPosobiec whips up the delusional base into a frenzy with outright lies.

(The dishonest tweet above has now been deleted by Posobiec.)

Two important things to realize:

  1. The guy who posted the "CNN wrestling" video retweeted by Donald Trump ("HanAssholeSolo") is not a "15-year old member of the LGBT community." He's a 37-year old man. This outright lie was invented by Posobiec.
  2. The Reddit user only "apologized" after CNN found out who he was and contacted him. The "apology" was very obviously inspired by fear that his identity was about to be revealed.

Here's an archive of "HanAssholeSolo's" posts at Reddit, for reference, in case you didn't know just how despicable and vile this guy really is.

And on this page he states very clearly that he's 37 years old.

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