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Photo of the Day: GOP Rep. Rohrabacher Poses With Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson at Assange Meeting

Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 11:23:16 am

Here we see Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher posing on the steps of the Ecuadoran embassy in London with Holocaust-denying white supremacist Chuck C. Johnson (who is NOT ME), as they prepare to meet with Julian Assange. Johnson, of course, is making that hand sign that white supremacists love to pretend has nothing to do with white supremacism.

This is one of the more disgraceful things I've seen a Republican do this year, in a year when the GOP has thoroughly disgraced itself on so many levels.

Here are some other photos of Johnson, for comparison.

Chuck C. Johnson with racist killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman

White supremacists Richard B. Spencer (L) and Chuck C. Johnson at the GOP convention

Chuck C. Johnson with Tila Tequila at a meeting of white supremacists

Chuck C. Johnson with Dutch anti-Muslim fanatic Geert Wilders

Chuck C. Johnson smiling creepily next to Lee Harvey Oswald's sniper rifle at the JFK Museum in Dallas

Chuck C. Johnson posing with his best friend

GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Collaborates With Holocaust-Denying White Supremacist to Meet With Julian Assange