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Trump Retweets Far Right Birther's GIF of Himself Striking Hillary Clinton in the Back With a Golf Ball

Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 11:25:02 am

For the record, the US nuclear arsenal is controlled by a reckless narcissistic sociopath with the mindset of a grade school bully.

And late last night, our so-called president retweeted a GIF from a user with the name "fuctupmind" (whose previous tweets reveal him to be a blatant racist and Birther), showing himself knocking down Hillary Clinton by hitting a golf ball and striking her in the back.

He also retweeted several more "memes" from an antisemite weirdo named @Team_Trump45, despite being called out for it the last time he retweeted this loon. It seems like Trump is getting more dysfunctional every day.

We all know by now that this is what passes for comedy in the right wing caveman culture that voted Trump into office, but it should never stop being unacceptable that a president of the United States can echo and amplify this kind of hateful, inflammatory garbage. When does it become time for all decent people to say "enough!" and realize this disgusting egomaniac demeans the office of the presidency, and endangers the United States more every minute he remains in power?

Here's the tweet from "fuctupmind," who's also a member of the white nationalist-friendly "social network" Gab.

Donald Trump's amazing golf swing #CrookedHillary

— Mike (@Fuctupmind) September 14, 2017

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UPDATE at 9/17/17 5:20:59 pm by Charles Johnson

And then we have this from the same "fuctupmind"...

The account Trump RTd deleted the tweet saying "Please get rid of the Hasidic Jews. They are the worst people on the planet.” Here it is:

— Tom Namako (@TomNamako) September 17, 2017

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