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CNN: Trump Is Furious After Being Humiliated in the Alabama Primary

Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 11:48:54 am

After pushing hard to get Alabama Republicans to nominate establishment candidate Luther Strange (shown above towering over the grinning Trump-thing), the right wing base handed Donald Trump a humiliating defeat last night. They picked probably the single most batshit Republican candidate ever to run for the Senate (and that's saying something): Roy Moore. The Dominionist fanatic who wants to criminalize homosexuality and said the 9/11 attacks were God's punishment for legalizing abortion and "sodomy."

The guy who pulled out a gun and waved it around at an election eve rally.

And the Trump-thing is furious, because if there's one thing he hates (and actually, there are a lot of things and people he hates) it's being humiliated. He's not actually opposed to anything about Roy Moore, of course; he's just in a rage because he lost. CNN reports:

Returning from a high-dollar fundraiser in Manhattan on Tuesday evening, an infuriated President Donald Trump watched aboard Air Force One as Fox News called the Alabama Senate primary for Roy Moore against Trump's favored candidate, Luther Strange.

What ensued was a barrage of angry venting at his political team and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who had consolidated establishment GOP support behind Strange. Trump, officials and informal advisers say, felt misled by McConnell and his political team, who encouraged him to endorse and campaign for Strange.


He went to bed "embarrassed and pissed" following the election loss, according to a person familiar with his mindset. Trump, multiple sources said, is furious with McConnell, and feels outdone by his former aide Bannon.

Nice to see that the White House is still leaking like a sieve.

And last night, in a futile attempt to hide how badly he had screwed up, Trump deleted a series of tweets boosting Luther Strange and falsely claiming he had helped Strange build his support.

Trump has deleted his three final pro-Strange tweets, including the one where he falsely claimed Strange had gained support because of him.

— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) September 27, 2017

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It's still hard to believe this bizarre narcissistic egomaniac is actually the president of the United States.

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