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President Man-Baby: "I'm Not a Moron - YOU'RE the Moron"

Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 11:34:59 am

Emotionally, the man-baby in the White House is stuck at around age 5 or 6: Stung Over Being Called a Moron, Donald Trump Now Insists NBC is ‘Run by Morons'.

The president of the United States is still furious at his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for reportedly calling him a “moron” or, upon further reporting, a “fucking moron.” And he won’t stop venting to friends and senior aides about the news outlet that broke the story.

In yet another sign of how deeply NBC News has managed to get under his skin, Donald Trump has, in recent days, taken to saying that the network is “run by morons,” two sources who have spoken to the president told The Daily Beast.