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And Now, Some Fantastic Brazilian Xylosynth Jazz From PRD Mais: "Portal"

Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 12:07:36 pm


PRD Mais - Portal
From the upcoming PRD Mais record "Rittenhouse," to be released October 2017 on GroundUP Music.

***Please set to HD (or at least 480p).

"Rittenhouse" is available for pre-order:

Digital (instantly receive "Portal"):

Written by Brian Potts

Bernardo Aguiar (pandeiro and musical direction)
Gabriel Policarpo (repique and musical direction)
Brian Potts (xylosynth)
Bóka Reis (timbal and effects)
Guilherme Oliveira (electronic percussion)
Gustavo Oliveira (frigideira and tamborim)

Concept by: Bernardo Aguiar and Gabriel Policarpo (Pandeiro Repique Duo)
Produced by: Pandeiro Repique Duo and Brian Potts
Executive Producer: Bernardo Aguiar
Directed and Filmed by: Daniel Lobo
Cinematographer: Micael Hocherman
Technical Director: Jim Hamilton
Cameraman: Matthew Hamilton and Josh Magnitzky

Filmed at Rittenhouse Soundworks, Philadelphia PA

Audio Engineer: Peter Tramo
Mixed by: Marcos Suzano
Mastered by: Alexandre Rabaço