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A Fantastic New Song From Jacob Collier & Becca Stevens: "Bathtub"

Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 8:47:30 pm


Created over the course of one year - writing, recording, rhythmic water splashing, back garden dancemove choreographing, thousands of stop motion photographs, and much laughter - Jacob Collier and Becca Stevens bring you a collaborative journey into the BATHTUB.

Written, performed and directed by Jacob Collier & Becca Stevens.
Engineered / produced / video editing by Jacob Collier.
Filmed in (and around) Jacob's family home.



I am the galaxy
I feed the universe
Within all the atoms.
I am Regina
I move the waters
Of infinity.

I deal in stardust (We love it! We love!)
I dance with time
I feel the movement
Of everything divine. (We love it!)

Shout if you feel me
You’ve been living your whole life knowing nothin’ ‘bout me.
Now that you know that
I’ve been giving you all the love that you want from me
Rise up the mountains
Cause you know that there’s nothin’ ‘bout you makes you different from me
And as you reach outside yourself you will find me.

You light the sun above
You turn the moon around
Designing all the seasons.
And when the stars of love
Are what I’m thinking of
I’ll see you there.

I deal in music
I dance with rhyme
I feel the movement
And everything is mine.


I am Regina
I move the waters
Within all the atoms
And the eaves.


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