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Family Research Council Head Tony Perkins Covered Up Sexual Assault by "Rising Star" Candidate Wesley Goodman

Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 2:44:39 pm

In today's episode of the ongoing farce known as "Republican family values," the Washington Post reports that two years ago, the virulently anti-gay head of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, swept a sexual assault by "rising star" Ohio legislature candidate Wesley Goodman under the rug and failed to report it.

And Goodman's assault was against a teenage boy, for another bit of disgusting hypocrisy.

The young man involved in the 2015 hotel room episode said Goodman first approached him outside a Ritz-Carlton ballroom while urging young people to come to a party on Capitol Hill.

“One of the young guys didn’t want to go, and Wes really made fun of him and told him he ‘had a vagina’ and made sarcastic remarks about him being like a woman,” the young man wrote in a statement sent to Perkins on Oct. 25.

When the group eventually returned to the Ritz-Carlton, “Wes pushed me to come to his room,” and offered to let him share his bed, he wrote.

In his written statement, the young man said he awoke in the middle of the night to find Goodman’s hand “pulling down my zipper.” His pants had been unbuttoned and his zipper was down. He darted from the room at about 4 a.m. “I was shaken, dazed, confused and very upset,” he wrote.