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Who Shopped the Fake Document Smearing Chuck Schumer? None Other Than Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson.

Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 11:24:44 am

For years I've been saying that with their ridiculously slipshod standards and willingness to believe and circulate any smear against their perceived enemies, right wing "journalists" and bloggers have been setting themselves up for a major hoax that would end up getting one or more of them in serious trouble.

That day may have come round at last.

The back story: someone has been shopping around to various media outlets a PDF document that purported to show sexual harassment allegations against Sen. Chuck Schumer by a former staffer.

Allegations of sexual harassment against politicians and other powerful men are big news right now, and as soon as they heard about this document, a slew of media organizations began the feeding frenzy.

The source tells Axios that reporters from the Washington Post, CNN, BuzzFeed, The New Yorker and ABC all inquired about the document Tuesday.

However -- the document was quickly revealed to be a sloppy forgery, and the former staffer named in it has reported it to the Washington DC Police and Capitol Police.

The former staffer said she took the matter to Washington, D.C. police on Tuesday. She said the police told her they were unsure of their jurisdiction in the case. She said she now plans to go to Capitol Police.

She told me in a statement: "The claims in this document are completely false, my signature is forged, and even basic facts about me are wrong. I have contacted law enforcement to determine who is responsible. I parted with Senator Schumer's office on good terms and have nothing but the fondest memories of my time there."

And now for the kicker: guess who turns out to be behind this document?

Yes, it's our old pal the Holocaust denier, Chuck C. Johnson, who hooked up with rape aficionado Mike Cernovich to spread the smear against Schumer.

Journalist Will Sommer highlighted some Facebook posts by the Rage Furby yesterday, boasting about this alliance with Cernovich. He also posted a screenshot of a tweet by Cernovich hyping the fake document, which Creepy Mike has now deleted; Cernovich is now trying to pretend he never hyped the document.

Interesting Facebook posts from Chuck Johnson

— Will Sommer (@willsommer) December 13, 2017

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Now that the fraud has been exposed and he's in big trouble, Johnson is desperately back-pedaling, claiming that some anonymous person "sent" the document to him, and offering $10,000 for the identity of this possibly imaginary individual.

Most people seem to be assuming the target of this hoax was Chuck Schumer, but if it's true that Johnson didn't create it himself (an assertion we shouldn't necessarily take at face value because Chuck is an inveterate liar) I think it's also possible it was a sting intended to bring down Chuck C. Johnson -- because he's recently been involved in a very nasty war of words with master ratfcker Roger Stone, and this has the smell of a setup to burn the Rage Furby and anyone who worked with him to promote it.

Our boy Chuck has had a serious run-in with the Capitol Police before, when he tried to crash a fundraiser for John Boehner last year. He was detained, frisked and questioned. So they'll have a file on Chuck and his stalking behavior.

And just as a matter of record, Chuck has also stalked yours truly in real life, showing up at an apartment building where I used to live and posting photos on Twitter of himself standing outside the building. This is the kind of activity he enjoys.

But this time, Chuck may have finally crossed the line into outright criminal behavior, all because he was too excited about "taking down" Chuck Schumer to do basic fact-checking first. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.