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In Which Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson Stalks Rep. Maxine Waters on a Plane, and Is Applauded by Her Opponent, Omar Navarro

Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 5:46:06 pm

So yesterday, this happened. Holocaust-denying white supremacist Chuck C. Johnson, recently in the news for hyping a fraudulent sexual harassment allegation against Chuck Schumer, was on a plane from Washington DC to California yesterday and he spotted Rep. Maxine Waters among the passengers.

So he waited until she fell asleep, then sat down next to her and took this stalker selfie.

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By itself, that may seem creepy enough. But it gets worse.

Notice who commented on this post: infamous racist killer George Zimmerman -- and Maxine Waters' opponent in the midterm election, Omar Navarro.

So we now have a candidate for the House of Representatives from California who posts "LOL" in a Facebook thread with Chuck C. Johnson and George Zimmerman, celebrating Johnson's creepy stalker-ish behavior. Unreal.

UPDATE at 12/16/17 3:08:19 pm by Charles Johnson

Maxine Waters' congressional opponent Omar Navarro has now deleted his "LOL" comment from Johnson's post.