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Twitter Begins Shutting Down White Supremacist Accounts - Including the "Britain First" Leader Retweeted by Donald Trump

Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 10:34:41 am

Today is the day when Twitter said they'd begin enforcing new policies designed to shut down users connected to white supremacist and Nazi organizations (and presumably other types of hate groups as well). A quick look around some of the worst corners of Twitter shows that they're beginning to make good on this promise.

Already suspended: American Renaissance, Occidental Dissent, and the Traditional Worker Party -- all white supremacist groups.

And interestingly, Twitter has also suspended the account of @JaydaBF, one of the leaders of the far right hate group Britain First, whose vile propaganda videos were recently retweeted by the malevolent toad in the White House.

Let's hope it doesn't end here, because there are still a disturbingly large number of outright Nazis goose-stepping around on Twitter. Hate accounts that have not been suspended yet include @DrDavidDuke and @RichardBSpencer.