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So Today, the Republican Party Stole the Future of America

Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 11:43:23 am

With a bill conceived in secret and rushed through both houses of Congress with no debate or review, the Republican Party has now set the American economy on a fast track to ruin: House Passes Tax Bill (Again), Sends To Trump To Sign Into Law.

And they're still lying about it publicly, telling the public it's going to be just wonderful for the little guy.

It isn't.

In reality, it's a massive handout to corporations and the super-wealthy (especially Donald Trump and his wretched family of crooks) at the expense of the middle class and the poor. It will add $1.4 trillion to the US debt over 10 years, and trigger huge cuts to Social Security and Medicare. It's a half-baked, fully evil rehash of every bad and debunked Republican idea about the economy from the last 100 years, and unless it can be reversed somehow it's going to be a disaster on scale we've never seen before.

It's the biggest right wing scam ever pulled on the American public, and the GOP went ahead with it even though a majority of their own constituents were opposed to it. This was a sort of coup, staged in the dead of night by gloating villains with open contempt for the democratic process they claim to revere.