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Holocaust Denier Chuck C. Johnson Admits Denying the Holocaust, but Says It Was a Cunning Scheme to Do... Something

Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 12:15:40 pm

Florida Republican representative Matt Gaetz, who invited Holocaust denying white supremacist Chuck C. Johnson (who is NOT ME) to Donald Trump's State of the Union address, went on the radio this morning and once again denied that Johnson is a Holocaust denier.

Speaking on NewsRadio 1620, Gaetz said he now thinks he should have vetted Johnson more carefully and wouldn't invite him to an event like this again, but he's still pushing the obviously false claim that Johnson is a victim of a smear campaign and isn't actually a Holocaust denier.

Gaetz said, "I think that labeling Mr. Johnson a denier of the Holocaust has been met with skepticism from people who have dedicated a substantial portion of their lives to Holocaust remembrance." He claims the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition is going to release a statement defending Johnson as well.

Gaetz may be making this absurdly false claim because of the post Johnson put up on his Facebook account yesterday. Johnson is just returning from his latest 30-day Facebook suspension for hate speech, and in this post he admits he did make these statements on Reddit (after claiming previously that they were "doctored" and he never said them):

what are your thoughts on the Holocaust, WW2, and the JQ in general? ["JQ" is a white supremacists' abbreviation for "Jewish Question." --ed.]

I do not and never have believed the six million figure. I think the Red Cross numbers of 250,000 dead in the camps from typhus are more realistic. I think the Allied bombing of Germany was a ware crime. I agree with David Cole about Auschwitz and the gas chambers not being real. I read the German War (highly recommend), Bloodlands, Mein Kampf, and all of David Irving. I'm more or less of the view that the war was an outgrowth of the efforts of communism to spread itself throughout the world. I also believe that the fears of German extermination were not misplaced, especially in light of the Ukrainian famine. But I support Israel as a Jewish state and Zionism as a concept. I'm pro-ethno state, generally. I understand why and how Hitler rose to power but think too much of our focus on World War II is spent trying to understand Hitler and not enough is spent trying to understand Weimar. Mecius Moldbug, aka Curtis Yarvin, is right. America is a communist country.

Here's the archived copy for reference.

Johnson's Facebook post is very long and barely coherent, and since he tends to delete or edit things like this, here's journalist Will Sommer's screen capture of the whole thing, posted on Twitter:

Chuck Johnson has posted an incredibly convoluted explanation for why his comments denying the Holocaust weren't actually Holocaust denial. Short version: It was all just a troll!

— Will Sommer (@willsommer) February 5, 2018

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That's right, folks -- it's the threadbare "I was just trolling" excuse used by right wingers whenever they're caught doing something awful.

Johnson says:

Over the last few years I have financed a project studying the various tech companies and their commitments to free speech against fake hate speech. I began this process several years ago when I joined a group of likeminded individuals committed to getting Ellen Pao fired from Reddit over her reluctance to embrace free speech. In that instance as in this one anti-Semitic language trended to the top of Reddit and lead ultimately to her firing.

It's almost comical how transparently ludicrous this is. Ellen Pao left Reddit on July 9, 2015. Chuck's Holocaust denial post was on January 26, 2017. But even better -- by publicly stating he deliberately violated Twitter's terms of service, he's effectively torpedoed his own lawsuit against them.

What would lead the other tech companies to suspend accounts? Do they have any limits?

I set about finding them, getting myself kicked off or suspended on platform after platform to learn how their algorithms worked.

But let's face it -- Chuck C. Johnson has left a long trail of evidence all over the internet that he's a genuine dyed-in-the-wool white supremacist. He's written for white supremacist publications, raised money for white supremacist causes, attended white supremacist gatherings and events, made numerous racist statements, and on July 23, 2016 he appeared on the white supremacist podcast "Fash the Nation" ("fash" is alt-right slang for "fascism") and made a string of antisemitic and racist comments.

Here's one example from that appearance, in which Johnson says black people are "dumber" than whites.


And all of that is just the tip of the iceberg. His history of racism and antisemitism is very long and very ugly. If he's really engaged in a super-secret trolling campaign to reveal the limits of free speech, he's been at it for most of his adult life.