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A Powerful New Song and Video From the Great Mavis Staples: "If All I Was Was Black"

Sat, Feb 17, 2018 at 7:34:14 pm


Listen to the full album:
"If All I Was Was Black" by Mavis Staples from the album 'If All I Was Was Black,' available now
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A Production of The Greenhouse Collective (
Co-Production with Summit Collective & Worklight Pictures

Directed & Edited by Zac Manuel

Produced by Milo Daemgen
Additional Producing by Chris Haney, Lizzie Guitreau, Alisha Hawkins

Featuring Keah Moffett

Cinematographer | Justin Zweifach
Additional B-Unit Cinematography by Bruno Doria

Stylist | Brandon Kafarela
Assistant Stylist | Brennan Manuel

Monument by Gabriel Wimmer

Official Site:
Twitter: @MavisStaples