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Right Wing Twitter Freaks Out as Twitter Cracks Down on Bots and They Lose Thousands of Fake Followers

Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 10:58:34 am

Right wing Twitter is currently engaged in a hysterical freak-out, spewing conspiracy theories like crazy, because Twitter has apparently launched a crackdown on bot accounts -- and it's affecting a LOT of right wing Twitter users for some odd reason. [small]cough[/small]

Gizmodo reports:

Twitter suspended thousands of accounts overnight and conservatives on the platform aren’t happy about it. Twitter has yet to make a public statement about the issue, but right-wing users believe that they’re being targeted in a mass purge of suspected Russian bot accounts.

Conservative Twitter has even started a hashtag called #TwitterLockOut to talk about the purge, with some claiming that real people (as opposed to bots) were locked out of their accounts. Gizmodo has so far been unable to confirm that any real people have had their accounts mistakenly suspended.

Donald Trump reportedly lost approximately a million followers overnight, and some of the other worst people on Twitter have lost thousands of followers as a result of this action, including neo-Nazi Richard Spencer (who would lose his account entirely if it were up to me):

I've lost close to 1,000 followers offer the past few hours. Major purge underway.

— Richard 🐉 Spencer (@RichardBSpencer) February 21, 2018

And Trump lapdog Bill Mitchell:

Bill did you lose followers? Twitter hit all conservative accounts last nigh. Some have lost 1000s. I lost 400.

— Lmc (@Lmc30807732) February 21, 2018

I lost around 4000 or so.

— Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) February 21, 2018

It's commies, I tell you! COMMIES!

We're all Americans who voted for Trump, without being influenced by commies, yet every major Trump supporting account was locked out overnight. Unbelievable!!!#TwitterLockOut

— TrumpIsMyPresident™ (@Trumpism_45) February 21, 2018

For the record, I just checked my follower count, and I haven't lost a single one. That, of course, proves that it has to be the work of COMMIES.