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A Classic: The Band - the Last Waltz - "The Weight" (Feat. The Staples Singers)

Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 6:48:21 pm


Rediscovering amazing performances like this one. I should note that the live tracks may have been extensively overdubbed and re-done in the studio (that's how it looks to me now). I think there are still some bits of the original tracks in there somewhere, even if it's only the tempo, but this is a reconstruction of the concert we all heard in our minds.

And yet... they produced a great piece of recorded music regardless of how much work it took to revise, replace and enhance it. A great album, even if it shouldn't really be considered "live."

Mavis killed it, re-recorded or not. And so did everyone else on that stage.

And somebody has to make reality resemble fantasy, sometimes, anyway.