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Video: Trump Pouts as WA Gov. Inslee Criticizes His Stupid "Arm the Teachers" Scam

Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 12:40:21 pm


Yes, I did write that in the headline... "stupid." Because this ridiculous, brainless, wrong-headed, backward, reckless and stupid idea has taken root in the alleged mind of our so-called president, because he sees how well the right wing knuckle-draggers of his base respond to it.

And we should never be afraid to call a truly reckless and stupid idea what it is: stupid.

Watch as this thin-skinned, overgrown and overblown man-baby crosses his arms, glares and pouts when Washington Gov. Jay Inslee departs from the usual obsequious praise the Trump-thing demands from his lessers.

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