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David J. Shulkin Says He Was Fired Because He Opposes Privatizing the VA

Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 11:55:08 am

The inspector general accused David Shulkin of improperly paying for his wife's trip to Europe, but in yet another scathing op-ed from a departed Trump official, he writes today in the New York Times that this wasn't the real reason he was fired.

Shulkin says the Trump gang got rid of him because he opposes privatization of the Department of Veterans Affairs. He identifies privatization as a scheme to enrich "select people and companies with profits, even if it undermines care for veterans."

And he makes no secret of how he feels about the administration he's leaving.

I have fought to stand up for this great department and all that it embodies. In recent months, though, the environment in Washington has turned so toxic, chaotic, disrespectful and subversive that it became impossible for me to accomplish the important work that our veterans need and deserve.