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Beautiful New Song and Video From Becca Stevens: "Regina"

Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 8:09:21 pm


The official music video for the title track of Becca Stevens' latest record, "Regina". "Regina" is available now.

North America Physical:
Europe Physical:

Music & lyrics by Becca Stevens, Don Miggs & K Nita.
Directed, filmed, and edited by Stella K.
Shot in Winston-Salem, Hanging Rock, Pilot Mountain and Lenoir, NC.
Headband courtesy of Kryle Headdresses.
Crown courtesy of Anna Marguerite.
Hand cameo by Allene Stevens .
Video concept inspired by Gerald Massoubre’s “The Wikidrummer” (

Regina Liner Notes:
Lyrics & music by Don Miggs, K Nita, & Becca Stevens.
Produced by Troy Miller.
Co-produced & co-arranged by Michael League.
Additional production by Becca Stevens & Ted Tuthill.
Engineered by Ted Tuthill.
Edited by Troy Miller, Michael League, Ted Tuthill, & Becca Stevens.
Recorded at Figure 8 Recording & Atlantic Sound Studios, NY.
String arrangement by Nathan Schram.
Becca Stevens - Lead Vocal, Background Vocals, Ukulele, Charango.
Michael League - Acoustic Guitar, Daf.
Attacca Quartet - Keiko Tokunaga (Violin), Amy Schroeder (Violin), Nathan Schram (Viola), Andrew Yee (Cello).

Regina Lyrics:
(To the lost Queen.)
Lyrics by Becca Stevens, Don Miggs & K Nita.

Carved a heart in a dogwood tree,
Found a song in everything.
Nothing to lose and nothing to gain,
Barefoot dancing in the pouring rain.
Oh, Regina won’t you come back home.

Done her daddy proud,
Made her mamma shine.
Found beauty in the night through a child’s eyes.
Lit up life like a firefly,
Never knowing that that fire could die.
Oh no, Regina won’t you come back home.

She lost her way along a wandering path,
She can’t get it back,
She can’t get it back.
It’s the wanderer who finds her soul,
And Lord only knows,
You had a long road.
Regina won’t you come back home.

She loved a man and he let her down, (Yeah she loved him, he gave nothing.)
She took an apron for a crown. (Lost her faith in real lovin’.)
She knew a girl who lived out loud, (She was somethin’, always laughin’.)
But she don’t ever come around no more.
Regina won’t you come back home. (What happened to you?)

Time flew by, and she let it go.
Used to laugh, but now she don’t.
Little girl dreams all turned to stone.
Spends all day on the telephone,
Sayin’ “no no no…”

Regina won’t you come back home.