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A Brilliant Stop-Motion Animated Video for the New Eels Song: "Bone Dry"

Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 1:21:27 pm


Official video for “Bone Dry" from THE DECONSTRUCTION - out now!

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Producers: Sofia Astrom, Tony Candelaria
Executive Producers: Duke Johnson, Dino Stamatopoulos
Director: Sofia Astrom
Art Director: Tony Candelaria
Director of Photography: Joe Passarelli
Lighting Technicians: Matthew Philip Hazelrig, David Charry
Animator: Anthony Scott, Sean Willets, Tony Candelaria, Misha Kline

Set builder: Brent Johnson

Puppets: Tony Candelaria

Design: Stef Choi

VFX supervisor: Ruairí Twohig

Art PA’s: Siyu Li, Mollie Ong, Katie Lazo, Meredith Quinn, Isabelle Aspi, Jeffrey Hsueh, Chase Biado