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New York Times Editorial Board: The Law Is Coming, Mr. Trump

Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 10:44:48 am

Their newsroom continues publishing curiously non-judgmental articles about Donald Trump and seemingly endless sympathetic profiles of his base of delusional supporters, but at least the New York Times editorial board is telling it straight: The Law Is Coming, Mr. Trump.

This is your president, ladies and gentlemen. This is how Donald Trump does business, and these are the kinds of people he surrounds himself with.

Mr. Trump has spent his career in the company of developers and celebrities, and also of grifters, cons, sharks, goons and crooks. He cuts corners, he lies, he cheats, he brags about it, and for the most part, he’s gotten away with it, protected by threats of litigation, hush money and his own bravado. Those methods may be proving to have their limits when they are applied from the Oval Office. Though Republican leaders in Congress still keep a cowardly silence, Mr. Trump now has real reason to be afraid. A raid on a lawyer’s office doesn’t happen every day; it means that multiple government officials, and a federal judge, had reason to believe they’d find evidence of a crime there and that they didn’t trust the lawyer not to destroy that evidence.