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Overnight Jam: Snarky Puppy Comrades Bokanté: "Limyè"

Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 9:03:39 pm


Bokanté - Limyè
From the album "Strange Circles," out now on GroundUP Music.

***Please set to HD (or at least 480p).


Recorded and filmed at Dreamland Studios in West Hurley, New York, in April of 2016.

Written by Michael League & Malika Tirolien.
Music arranged by Michael League.
Vocals arranged and lyrics written by Malika Tirolien.

Produced by Michael League.

Malika Tirolien - vocals
Jamey Haddad - percussion
André Ferrari - percussion
Keita Ogawa - percussion
Chris McQueen - electric guitar
Bob Lanzetti - Hammertone electric guitar
Roosevelt Collier - lap steel guitar (solo)
Michael League - baritone electric guitar
Michael League – electric bass

Engineered and mixed by Nic Hard.
Assisted by Bella Blasko.
Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk NYC.
Filmed by Andy LaViolette, Simon C.F. Yu, Yusuke Suzuki, and Michael League.

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Instagram - @BokanteMusic
Twitter - @BokanteMusic


too many lights out
even today, the wind extinguished another flame
how can we see if there is no light?
day by day
the house is losing its warmth
coldness is smiling
how will we warm ourselves without the fire
even the stars fall as rain
pouring out the windows of our hearts
we can’t travel if the stars are falling
the night is eating the children of the sun
what will become of us
if she can’t be satisfied?

the light is off
it is dark
we need to see
send some lights

hope took a boat
and never came back
light a fire
so we can guide it home
saw some wood
rub some stones
set it alight

the light is off
it is dark
we need to see
send some lights
turn on the light
send us some lights
before mine goes out