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White House Adviser Who Opposes Paid Leave, Equal Pay Now Working on Women's Issues

Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 11:16:22 am

Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, is now working on women’s issues in the White House despite having once forcefully argued against paid maternity leave and equal pay legislation, according to unnamed White House officials cited in a Politico report Thursday night.

Miller, 31, will work with Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and senior adviser, on women’s issues including family leave and child care, according to Politico’s report.

In a White House where men named Steve (Bannon, Mnuchin, Miller) essentially outnumber women in the uppermost ranks, it’s not surprising that a man is working on women’s issues.

But Miller’s thinking on women’s issues is troubling, as evidenced by an op-ed he wrote in 2005 as a junior at Duke University. In “Sorry feminists,” he claims that the gender pay gap is a myth. Women make less than men, Miller argues, because men work longer hours, choose higher-paying jobs and take on more dangerous work.

“The pay gap has virtually nothing to do with gender discrimination. Sorry, feminists. Hate to break this good news to you,” he writes.

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